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This site exposes how some elected Republicans vote AGAINST our Party’s platform and principles (even advancing a Democrat agenda), how the Old Guard Republican Establishment (OGREs) manipulate the process to control GOP operations, why the Colorado GOP is so inept and failing you because of OGRE control & betrayal—and what you can do to return control of our Party to We the People.

Find out who the worst Colorado OGREs are and how they are helping Democrats destroy our great state. Check back periodically as we unveil one-by-one the top five worst Colorado OGREs and their voting records...

#5 Kathleen Conti

#4 Frank McNulty

#3 Cheri Gerou



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Top 3 poll winners will be revealed soon!

OGRE Legislation

Learn about the horrible legislation Colorado OGREs have supported since 2011. See which OGRE voted for these liberty killing laws. It will shock you.

Colorado GOP Structure

Learn how the Colorado GOP is structured from the bottom up. Learn the Colorado GOP procedures and process so you can help take back the party from the OGREs.

RNC Rules Disaster

Find out what the big deal is about the RNC rules debacle that began last year and how national OGREs are suppressing the grassroots in the GOP.

The OGRE Archives

Check out the OGRE archives documenting some of the worst OGRE abuses of the grassroots in the past year. Also check out some recommending reading to get an historical perspective.

Recent News & Commentary

Moderate Republicans Are Killing the GOP

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